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5-Day Mindfulness Challenge Templates

Now's the time to show up and serve your audience.   This challenge will enable you to grow your audience and connect with them in a way that builds trust and confidence in your brand.
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And, how can you use it to grow your list and increase sales with email.
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Your customers want to hear from you! Email is the perfect way to welcome them, thank them for their business, and let them know about exciting new offerings. We will show you how to use email marketing to grow your customer base and build meaningful relationships with your clients.

Email Templates

Not sure what to say or when to say it.  Let us help you.  With our pre-written email templates all you have to do is personalize them and schedule them.  Giving you more time and less worry.

Video Tutorials

Don't let your lack of knowledge stop you from starting.  We will walk you through each step to getting started with your email list.  Our short videos will save you time and build your confidence.

Tips to Succeed

We are rooting for you!  We will share all of our tips to grow your customer base while increasing sales through email marketing.  We have been there and we want to share all of our learnings with you.

Listen to our podcast interviews!  We cover everything email marketing, from why email, how to get started and using quizzes to grow your list.  

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"I am so grateful for the Email Collection for inspiring me to connect with my clients through email! I just wrote my 3rd email and I actually had fun with it! This is a breakthrough: in the past I have absolutely dreaded writing newsletters/emails – I would spend too much time trying to figure out what to write and was overwhelmed with trying to figure out a new system. The Email Collection has simplified this for me and I’m excited about the many topics that I will share with my clients – I feel very empowered!"

Juice Plus Franchise Partner

"Honestly I kept hearing people say to grow my list, and I just kept putting it off. I always feel like I don’t even know where to begin with an opt-in or a freemium. The email collection helped give me amazing ideas that took away the paralysis of writer’s block and actually encouraged me to start my list."

The Fit Teaching Mama

"I used to dread writing emails. I would rather skip writing an email all together than sit down in the feeling of overwhelm. I want to connect with my community, build a relationship with them, and continue to serve them. I don't want to be salesy and I have so much I want to share, but that often turns into paralysis by analysis. The Email Collection got me excited about writing emails. Having access to templates inspired me and I felt so accomplished when I wrote not 1 but 3 emails in one day. This gives me so much mental freedom to know emails are set for the next 3 weeks so I can focus on other parts of my business! I'm already receiving positive engagement from my community and feel so aligned with about how I'm serving my community through email."

Simply Santee with Sally / Director with Beautycounter

"Yes! I am learning the importance of email marketing and how easy it can be with a plan and the templates. "

"It provided me with a springboard of ideas for my newsletter"

Fit Healthy Happy U

"I love the content ideas and will continue to use them in my business."

"I liked the simplicity of it."

"I really like the templates."

Why Email?

You don't own your social media platforms.  You do own your email list.

Email marketing drives customer acquisition and builds retention.

Set yourself up to win. Email marketing is the best way to get a return on your investment.

For every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38

Your customers expect to hear from you after signing up and making a purchase.

On average less than 6% of your Instagram followers actually see your posts

Hi! We are Wendy and Linda, owners of The Email Collection!

Both work-from-home-moms- turned-email-marketing-course-creators  built and launched a business in seven short months.

Wendy, a veteran digital marketing strategist with 20+ years of eCommerce experience, leverages her know-how to help others build the business of their dreams.

Linda, a creative strategist, shows new business owners how to be authentic and attract a following that will turn into a warm community.

Together we help women entrepreneurs build solid business foundations through email marketing and beyond.

When we are not working, you can find us with our families exploring the Pacific Northwest. We practice what we preach and live a purposeful life, all while monetizing our mission so we can spend time focusing on what matters most in life. Our true passion is to teach others to do the same.

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