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We’re Linda and Wendy, two corporate boss ladies (and wine lovers) turned entrepreneurs, dedicated to making online marketing simple for overwhelmed business owners.

We went from not having enough time or knowing how to take full advantage of email…to growing our list by 300% in two months.

Our growth was so successful (and in the end, so simple) that we couldn’t wait to teach others how to do it our way.

Our courses, mini-courses, and custom quizzes are created with heart, soul, and skill. Learn from our own trial and error and months of searching for the simplest ways to get ahead.

Wendy Jensen

I am Wendy, mom of two, wife, sister, friend, entrepreneur, and more.
I love User Experience and Digital Strategy, using my expertise to help businesses increase sales and grow.  Throughout this journey, I have met so many amazing women, which have inspired me to serve a larger audience and create more of an impact.
With over 20 years of eCommerce experience, I am committed to using this knowledge to help you build the business of your dreams also.
A few fun facts about me:
- If I am not with my family or working I am at Barre3
- I have lived in three countries outside the US (Denmark, UK and Spain)
- I visualized my corporate job ten years before it was mine.

Linda Sidhu

For as long as I can remember, I have had a genuine interest in marketing! Specifically understanding the art of how to be your authentic self while serving others. This curiosity has led me down a path to co-create The Email Collection, a service to help create email content for creatives.
A few fun facts about me:
- I am a woman who seeks adventure! A trip to Portugal, an engagement in Paris or jumping out of an airplane, I am open to it all!!
- I am a foodie and enjoy trying new things. Oysters and Rosé are my favorite combo this time of year!!
- I love all things meditation and universe related. I believe we are all energy and that you CAN create the life you want to live.

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