We know your to-do list is already a mile long. We’ll help you implement a system that’ll make you more profitable—without taking over your life.


If you’re ready to build unstoppable momentum for your business through email marketing while avoiding unnecessary stress, let us help you.

Email is a tried-and-tested moneymaker. Did you know that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38?! (If you do it right, that is. Stick with us and we’ll show you how).

It gives you a direct line to your customers. Email gives you any-time access to your fans on a channel that YOU own (not some algorithm). This builds a personal connection with them you can’t rely on with social media.

It’s like your own private ATM machine. Once you start creating valuable content for your subscribers and get them hooked on hearing from you, they’ll buy what you’re selling—and you can keep going back.

Have you given up on email marketing before you’ve even started?
You wouldn’t be the first.


We hear all the time from smart business owners who aren’t taking advantage of email — even though they know how profitable it could be.

“I don’t know what to write.”

“I’m afraid I won’t be consistent.”

“I have no idea how to get people on my list.”

“Where do I even START?”

If you’ve said any of the above, you’re in the right place.

Why work with us?

We went from not having enough time or knowing how to take full advantage of email... to growing our list by 300% in two months.

Our growth was so successful (and in the end, so simple) that we couldn’t wait to teach others how to do it our way.

We created our courses with heart, soul, and skill. Learn from our own trial and error and months of searching for the simplest ways to get ahead—all in just 30 days.

"Email with Ease was the foundation (and push!) that I needed to start leveraging the power of email marketing for my business. Without this course, I would have still been staring at my Mailchimp account wondering what the heck to do. In just 30 days of working with the Email with Ease team, I have increased my email list by 30%, created an opt-in and automated my welcome series. I now feel empowered to write, engage, serve and sell through email. Hands down this course is the choice for learning email marketing and was worth every penny and more!! Thank you Linda & Wendy!"
- Michelle Terpstra, Sales Strategist & Creator of "From Hello to Closed"Franchise Partner

01. Nurture to Net - $97


A mini-course to learn a step-by-step system to getting customers to know, like, and trust you...and run it automatically every time a new customer comes into your inner circle.

Figure out how to:

> Build your know, like, and trust factor with a strategic welcome sequence

> Automate your welcome emails to send every time a customer opts in to your list

> Transition leads from “freebie” to sale by using our Welcome Series Blueprint.


02. Email with Ease - $347


Learn how to write, send and watch the dollars roll in! If you are ready to start growing your business with email marketing, but you don't know how, let us walk you through our step-by-step approach.

Course includes: tutorials, pdf's, and templates. Module 1: Setting yourself up for success, Module 2: Getting started with email marketing, Module 3: Put a list building strategy in place and grow your list, Module 4: Nurture your leads, Module 5: From Leads to Customers and more!