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Kajabi has completely streamlined how we run our business. It’s like an ecosystem, where everything we need to build and scale our business lives together in harmony. There are no tech breakdowns, no messy integrations—everything just works together, under one roof. We use Kajabi for our website, courses, digital content, email marketing, affiliate marketing, analytics and more.

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Email list building

We increased the size of our list by 300% within the first 60 days of launching our quiz.  The best part about building a quiz - once you set it up it does the work of growing and connecting to your audience for you. Quizzes are a great way to create a personal connection with your audience and add value based on their unique needs. 

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Project management

HoneyBook is our preferred tool for project management. It has helped up create an easy workflow that keep us on task. We use it to receive inquiries, send proposals, schedule coaching sessions, and so much more. 

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