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Yes, I need this.  Get instant access to the Quiz Lab bundle for only $47


Personalized marketing is the NEW marketing strategy allowing you to drive stronger relationships—one customer at a time.


Quizzes create a personal connection with your audience while segmenting them, allowing them to feel seen, heard, and understood from the minute they meet you.

And since quizzes were voted "Lead Magnet Most Likely to Go Viral", you can fill up your Flodesk account faster with the exact people who want and need your offer so they can go from browsers to buyers, all on automation.

We know that creating a quiz can be time-consuming.


>>>The process of creating the results and googling the technology of setting it ALL up is gonna take a little more time than your average PDF checklist.

>>>Even just mapping out the questions and results will make you feel at capacity.

>>>Heck, you’re not even sure what questions and answers to write...much less the results page.

>>>The bottom line is, you want a strategy that’ll kickstart your quiz, allowing you to grow your email list (and your bank account) without spending 50+ hours googling “how to create a quiz.”


Your ideal clients are opting-in to email lists, every day with a credit card in hand, eager to find solutions to solve their problems.

Are they choosing to opt-in with you?

In other words, do you have a system in place that allows new subscribers to roll in on a regular basis who are excited and hungry to do business with you?

That when you've finally landed the opportunity to be a guest on a popular podcast, you've got a link to your freebie directing those qualified leads to next-steps on how to be part of your "inner circle"?

...that your lead generation strategy is about as sturdy as walking on ice in the dead of winter…

...and you don't know for sure how to consistently attract qualified buyers to your brand and take them from passive readers to paying customers...

↓ ↓ Then keep reading... ↓ ↓

Because this proven system could be THE tool that...

that gives you the authority in your niche as the "go-to" person allowing people to buy from you all while you grow your email list.

The thing is, we've been there...


...after months staying up till midnight to create an irresistible offer

...investing in all the premium online marketing courses from Marie Forleo to Amy Porterfield

...spending hours watching tech tutorials only to continue to struggle with the implementation process.

...pouring your heart & soul into a 5-day challenge offering a remarkable transformation only for one person to take it seriously.


You feel like you’re a hamster on a wheel running in a monotonous, repetitive, unfulfilling circle while achieving no progress at all.

But here's what we know:

All that effort wasn't meaningless.

After months spent on your program, you now have a deep understanding of the real value of a profitable email list.

You’ve hustled hard enough and long enough that at this point in your career, you deserve to hop off the list-growing hamster wheel, put that baby on autopilot, and focus only on the things that bring you joy (and $$).

You deserve to be paid for your years of collective knowledge and experience, a.k.a your premium offers.

You deserve to monetize your genius with a list packed out with DREAM clients, primed, and ready to buy your offer without a 6-month welcome sequence and hours on Instagram every day.

The truth is, at your level of business, every part of your funnel should be premium.

But no one expects you to be the industry expert AND the strategy expert AND the copy expert AND the quiz expert...

The 3 reasons you’re standing in your way of lead gen domination

Reason #1: You’re still not “sold” on email marketing, and you feel social media is where the money is.

You may feel that social media is the best way to grow (It’s a great option.) However, building momentum with your email list will set you up for true profit potential in a way social media never can. Here’s why social media can’t compete with email marketing:

- You don’t own your social media following (we’re looking at you, Zuckerberg), and typically, only 4-6% of your audience sees your posts. Email marketing has an average reach of 20% (we usually clock in at 30%)

Basically, having a healthy email list is like owning your own private ATM machine.


Reason #2: You don't have time to learn email marketing.

We're gonna shoot straight, when it comes to building your first quiz, you gotta put a little more into it than a PDF Download.

But the pay-off is WAY more efficiency when it comes to your funnel and your ability to take a hands-off approach to your list, all while growing it exponentially each month.

Anything that can be automated is an entrepreneur’s best friend. Email is a system you can ‘set and forget’ so it’s running in the background, freeing up time for you to do other things.


Reason #3: You think quizzes are better left for Buzzfeed and haven’t noticed how they can be revenue building.

Well, yeah, we'll click to find out which bachelor contestants were most liked, or how our sandwich preferences reveal whether we’re the youngest or oldest child.

But that's just the point...people LOVE taking quizzes.

It's deeply ingrained in human nature to want to learn more about ourselves. We want to know what boxes we fit in, what others see that we don't, what makes us special...

Did you know a quiz gets shared an average of 1,900 times??

With a personality quiz, you'll have people sharing your brand left and right because their results page "nailed them perfectly."

Not only that, but quizzes can also completely cover all of the Market Research you need to get a crystal clear 

Hello, did someone say segmentation??



It's time to stop spending hours and hours on Zuckerberg's platform while ignoring your own... 

"The worst nightmare of a social media marketer came true - all of my social media accounts were hacked and taken for an entire month. However, I was still able to run my business and crush my sales goals through email marketing alone. Thanks to Linda and Wendy's guidance and resources, I had built a large list of engaged subscribers and was able to run my business without skipping a beat!"

- Dr. Ashly Locklin, Business Coach

Maybe by now, you're more excited about the thought of email marketing, and you're ready to go all-in on building a quiz...


We know that...

Building a quiz using the Quiz Quadrant Strategy will give you:

→  The ability to have a business built for sustainability & longevity with a strong foundation that works around the clock, so you don't have to.

→  A chance to simplify and streamline a system that works after it’s initially set up..

→  Copy you're proud of that sounds like you AND represents your brand message. 

Cause here's the thing, you've been doing this long enough, that you’re finally ready to not only separate yourself from your competition but design a more personalized approach to reaching new leads.


"THANK YOU for helping me develop the quiz! I am in love with it and have already seen a few email addresses come through- YEE HAW! I've been looking for a great way to connect with my audience and build my email list at the same time and this quiz is the perfect thing to help me do just that. I appreciate your time, attention to detail and authenticity so much! Doing the happy dance over here!"

- Kylie Clayborne, Personal Development & Style Coach

Who are these email marketing mavens?

We’re Linda and Wendy, two corporate boss ladies (and wine lovers) turned entrepreneurs, dedicated to making online marketing simple for overwhelmed business owners.

We went from not having enough time or knowing how to take full advantage of email to growing our email list by 300% in just 60 days.

Our growth was so successful (and in the end, so simple) that we couldn’t wait to teach others how to do it our way.

Together, we make one unstoppable email-marketing-strategy-crafting-copywriting-list-building machine. (It didn't fit on our business cards, but still consider that our official job title.)


"Linda and Wendy are marketing geniuses! They saw the vision for the course I was creating long before it was even finished. I provided them with a brief overview of the course I was creating and the students I wanted to serve. They took my ideas and created the perfect quiz to attract my ideal students. With their quiz, I was able to generate $10K in course sales in my first month and reach my dream clients!"

- Dr. Ashly Locklin, Business Coach

Which is why we created...

The Quiz Lab

A mini-course to help kickstart your personality quiz, allowing you to grow your email list (on automation).

If there's one thing we know, it's quizzes. We’ve spent hundreds of hours helping and teaching entrepreneurs just like you how to grow a profitable business with a personality quiz at its core. 

Entrepreneurs who:

  • Spend all day creating countless lead magnets, pitching podcasts, speaking at summits...only to have two new emails pop up on their list each week.

  • Are ready to scale through high-end programs and digital education but have no audience to launch them to.

  • See the power of email marketing and are done playing in the little leagues. They're ready to start a more personalized approach and build their business’ best asset, their email list.  


The Quiz Lab is where we hand you our personalized quiz strategy, allowing you to kickstart your own quiz to grow your email list.


Included in the Quiz Lab:


10 Question ICA Research Video + PDF

This is the start of crafting your brand voice, allowing you to understand your ideal clients better so you can start to create content and solutions that will meet your customer's needs. .

Once you identify your custom action plan for your quiz funnel, then it's time to...


Dig into The Lazy (Wo)man's Guide to Quiz Building

After your initial ICA deep dive, we'll walk you through our Quiz Quadrant Personality Framework workshop, so you have a simple and repeatable process for writing your personality quiz.

Using our framework will give you everything you need to map out your results strategy, segment your list based on personalities, and help you convert your new leads to customers.

You'll be the one writing your quiz, but you'll be doing it with the help of:

  • Quiz Quadrant Personality Descriptions so you can understand the different personalities in your audience and write your emails strategically, so you're always getting those "get out of my head" replies.
  • Quiz Quadrant Chart, because charts are fun & this one makes understanding and writing to the four different types of people a breeze.
  • Quiz Quadrant Question Template. Our question and answer template (complete with result strategy) to help guide you in mapping out your questions to your results.


Bring it all to life

It’s time to integrate it on Interact, the quiz platform. You’ll receive a tech tutorial on how to build your quiz and customize all of the elements, so it looks and feels like your brand. We’ll also include a quiz customer journey workflow to understand how everything works together from start to finish.


"My business has a rock-solid foundation for growth—and I owe so much of that to The Email Collection. Not only have Linda and Wendy provided simple, practical tools to get my email list and social media up and running, they’ve also offered priceless guidance and moral support along the way. You definitely want this duo in your court."

- Jenn Aspinwall, Brand Strategist & Copywriter

Summary of what's included:

  • Step-by-step Process to Create your Personality Quiz
  • 10 Question ICA Research Video + PDF to craft your brand voice & get clear on your ideal client
  • Quiz Quadrant Personality Descriptions 
  • Quiz Quadrant Chart
  • Quiz Quadrant Question Template.
  • Interact Integration Tutorial
  • Quiz Customer Journey Workflow
  • BONUS: Quiz Quadrant Personality Workshop  so you have a simple and repeatable process for writing your personality quiz (COMING SOON, MID JULY)

Questions people ask before they say I’m “all in” to The Quiz Lab.

Does this take time? I’m not sure if I can commit.

Yes, this will take time, effort, and writing skills. There’s no avoiding it, but once it’s complete, your quiz will have a long lifespan. 

We take the overwhelm out of the equation by handing over our simplified approach to creating your personality quiz. You’ll receive our quiz quadrant personality question, answer, and result strategy along with a step-by-step tech implementation.


Is this worth all this effort, I thought email marketing was outdated?

In 2020, email marketing is hotter than the #shuffledance on TikTok. It’s not only the MOST effective marketing tool you have at your fingertips, but it’s also the lowest cost asset, AND gives you a higher ROI than any other single online marketing strategy.

Social media is busy, noisy, and controlled by an algorithm that covers up your content minutes after you post it. That’s why building momentum with your email list will set you up for true profit potential in a way social media never can. 

Studies show that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get $38 in return. That’s 3,800% ROI! That number alone had us convinced to go all-in on our email list.


Can I get a refund?

No refunds available.

Not sure if this is your jam?
You're ready to explode your list with a personality quiz if...

1. You've been pumping out lead magnets every other month for the last year and all you have to show for it is a full hard drive, cramped fingers, and 5 new subscribers a month. You're ready for a more efficient and impactful way to grow your list so you can finally start focusing on all of the other goals you set this year.

2. You're passionate, determined, and you know what you want. You're not here to play around, this isn't a hobby. You’re ready to invest your business with email marketing because it’s automated and streamlined, allowing you to make more money with less time.

If you're still reading (you go-getter, you)...let's have a little heart to heart...

Linda here. I'll never forget the feeling of complete disappointment when I launched my first lead magnet, an Earth Day Challenge that I launched a week late due to technical insanity.

And I will NEVER forget when we launched our first quiz and grew our email list 75% in the seven days after we launched it.

But none of that compared to the feeling of creating a quiz for our brilliant course-creator friend and watching that quiz (along with our 5-part welcome series) generate $10k for her in 30 days. 

So if you're ready to start and need a little help in the right direction, we’re excited to introduce you to the Quiz Lab.


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