Quizzes:  Your most powerful, client-attracting lead magnet.


If you’re ready to grow your email list bigger (and faster) than ever with one lead magnet, everyone loves to click, share, and talk about; then it’s time to build a quiz.

✓ Quizzes are “shareable” and are more likely to go viral than other lead magnets. The average quiz is shared 1900 times!

✓ Quizzes segment your audience and allow you to communicate more strategically by targeting your offers to the right buyers. 

✓ They drive conversion.  

(And this is just to name a few 😉)

But what quiz type do people love the most? ---- A personality quiz!


Personalized marketing is the NEW marketing strategy allowing you to drive stronger relationships—one customer at a time.

Why work with us?
We’ve developed an ingenious method (the quiz quadrant) for building quizzes based on decades of experience doing in-person sales. We incorporate the same techniques that worked for selling products face-to-face and turned them into a framework for creating quizzes that not only sells your products and services but grows your email list.

Check out what happened to Dr. Ashly Locklin when she put our quiz quadrant framework and strategies into place:
"Linda and Wendy are marketing geniuses! They saw the vision for the course I was creating long before it was even finished. I provided them with a brief overview of the course I was creating and the students I wanted to serve. They took my ideas and created the perfect quiz to attract my ideal students. With their quiz, I was able to generate $10K in course sales in my first month and reach my dream clients!" 
- Dr. Ashly Locklin, Business Coach
We’re also official Interact partners and email marketing strategists. 
Wendy previously worked as the director of site experience at a Fortune 500 company, Expedia.com and managed a team that wrote, designed, and built all of the marketing campaigns.
Before launching quizzes, Linda was a high-performing pharmaceutical sales representative trained to sell to different personalities. The simple, proven, and intuitive model used in her pharmaceutical sales experience is now part of the framework  incorporated into creating profitable personality quizzes.
Together they make one email-marketing-strategy-quiz-creating-copywriting-list-building machine.

01. The Quiz Lab - $47


A mini-course to help kickstart your personality quiz, allowing you to grow your email list (on automation.)


Start attracting new subscribers today (faster than ever before) with the lead magnet everybody loves!



02. The Profitable Personality Quiz Intensive - $1,297

A 6-week premium group experience to help you write the quiz that grows your email list AND your bank account with the help of email marketing experts and copywriters all without paying the copywriter price. 
Our The Profitable Personality Quiz Intensive, where the hard parts are done for you, the fun parts are done with you and you finally have a lead magnet that works FOR YOU so don't have to.
And the best part:
You’re going to complete your entire profitable quiz funnel in just 6 weeks alongside a few of your ambitious quiz building peers so you’ll never have a question go unanswered or an imposter syndrome thought go un-squashed.



03. The Complete Personality Quiz Package - $4,997+


A done-for-you quiz that’ll not only grow your email list but create an evergreen funnel system that will help you turn your new leads into customers.


Our Complete Personality Quiz Package is where everything is done-for-you. You’ll have a profitable personality quiz funnel, a 5-part welcome series integrated, and set up, along with Facebook ad copy.


And the best part:
You’re going to finally have your most powerful, client-attracting lead magnet ever without stressing over what to write or how to build it in just 30 days!